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Our Story

Embrace The Outside, Grow Strong

At Hootie Hoo, we believe some of the best lessons and habits in life are learned outside. It is our passion to make high-quality children's products to support and encourage them on their journey.

As parents and technical apparel industry veterans we saw a gap in the market for quality gear designed for children.  What was out there either was a direct scale-down of adult products (too many features, too expensive) or just not technical enough, which led to wet, cold kids.  ​

Hootie Hoo was born to help solve this problem.  This is what is important to us:​

More green time, less screen time

Screens and social media are too pervasive in our society, we want our kids to be outside more and develop an appreciation for nature and the mental and physical resilience that comes from that adventure. ​

Protect our playground

We are committed to do our part to develop technical apparel responsibly, using recycled materials wherever possible and developing gear that lasts so it can be passed on.  ​

Highly technical and purpose built

Every feature has a purpose, streamlining production costs, with a focus on breathability and water-proofing.   We want our kids warm and dry so they can stay outside longer.​

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